Fresh product

Dayboat scallops: $24.95/lb

Soft shell crabs: $9/ea

Swordfish: $24.95/lb

Local fluke: $24.95/lb

Tile fish: $28.95/lb

Halibut: $29.95/lb

Scottish salmon: $16.95/lb

Silver hake: $17.95/lb

Hard shell Maine lobsters: $27 (1.5lb), $50 (2.5lb)

Little neck clams: 60c each or $7.50/dz

Fire Island oysters: $2/ea


Mystic Island oysters: $2/ea

U/12 shell-on shrimp: $19.95/lb

Peeled & de-veined shrimp: $32.95/lb

crab cakes, soups & sides

Crab cakes: $32.95/lb

Manhattan chowder (qt): $12

New England (qt): $14

Lobster bisque: $8 (pint) $16 (qt)

Cole slaw: $5.95/lb

Macaroni salad: $5.95/lb

Potato salad: $5.95/lb

Shrimp salad: $19.95/lb

Seaweed salad: $12.95/lb

Pasteurized lump crab meat: $

Pasteurized jumbo lump: $

Frozen product

King crab legs: $/lb

Snow crab legs: $/lb

Lobster tails: $/lb


Australian barramundi fillet: $19.95/lb

Red snapper fillet: $19.95/lb

Dayboat scallops: $20.95/lb

Cod: $10.95/lb

Stuffed clams: $1.50/ea

Ahi tuna & swordfish steaks: $16.95/lb

Mussels on ½ shell (2 lb box): $15

New Zealand green mussels on the 1/2 shell (2 lb box): $18


Dew to rapid inflation and availability of seafood products, prices are subject to change without notice!